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Programmatic Native Advertising In Gaming

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What is native advertising?

Native advertising is defined as the placement of paid ads that match the look and feel of the user experience in which it is placed. Native ads should function just like natural content within their environment.

How are programmatic native ads different?

Native ads are great, because they don’t disrupt the user experience the way pop ups and banner ads would. Programmatic native ad placements take this idea to a whole new level. Users are engaged in a more passive way, while encountering targeted content that actually matters to them. A programmatic native advertising platform can quickly achieve a more targeted response for each user, which translates to better engagement and higher conversion rates.

What does this mean for in game advertising?

Typically, native ads are found in social media or as recommended content on websites. Bringing this concept of “non-disruptive” advertisements into the gaming space makes perfect sense. Gamers don’t want to be disrupted or marketed to. Nothing kills the feeling of fantasy and immersion like a pop-up ad! In the real world we are constantly being bombarded with advertisements, to the point where we really don’t even notice them anymore. They are just a part of our environment. Adding native advertisements to games can increase the feeling of “real-ness” within the game, while creating an additional source or revenue for developers.

Why are digital marketers increasingly turning to native advertising?

Native advertising WORKS. Consumers look at native ads 53% more than traditional advertisements. Statistics show an 18% increase in purchase intent when native ads are placed. Audiences get bored with seeing ads and just stop paying attention. Native ads produce a more engaging and interesting experience for the user, which combats ad fatigue. Consumers don’t mind these less invasive advertisements, because they don’t interrupt the user experience.

How Viewz is utilizing programmatic native advertisements to change the game:

We’ve taken the native ad model and reimagined it for placement inside of an immersive virtual world. This revolutionary concept allows advertisers to spend smarter, and developers to earn more without degrading the gaming experience for their users.

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